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View, edit and annotate drawings on mobile and tablet,Share your design ideas anytime and anywhere.
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  • More than ultra-speed view of drawings, also brand-new edit experience on touch screens

    Fast & accurately view CAD drawings on mobile, rich and efficient edit features also available bring you ultimate drawing view and design experience.
  • One account for mobile,Windows and web across multi-platform and devices

    Register DWG FastView for mobile to use mobile version and web version, access project files in cloud anytime and anywhere in browser, mobile phone and PC, share and communicate about drawings conveniently, effectively and safely.
  • Professional intelligent premium account

    Enjoy mobile features upgrade, get 5G storage cloud and edit, annotation, layers and other advanced features.

How to use dwg fastview for mobile version?

View, edit and annotate CAD drawings on the mobile and tablet.

Less is more, efficient and versatile


  • DWG FastView is really easy to use. Local drawings can be uploaded and saved to the cloud storage, which can be viewed directly on the computer. The transfer of drawings is very convenient.
    Rosetta Hodges
  • Very good CAD drawing software, improve my work efficiency; marking function to achieve rapid communication with designers, saving a lot of time.
    As light as the wind
  • Because of the relationship of work, you need to check the drawings frequently. DWG FastView can open the drawings very quickly and is easy to use.
  • Construction engineering good helper, I have used DWG FastView to see the cad files for 3 years, to the usual work has brought great help, thank you!
  • Powerful, can not only see CAD drawings, but also edit drawings. You don't need to take the drawings everywhere. It's very convenient.
    Drawing GCAD
  • There are many types of drawings that can be opened. You can also save the drawings to the cloud disk. The ruler is also very accurate.

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